Arkansas Gospel Music Heritage Month

2019 Award Category Nominations

  • AGMHM Choir Award

  • AGMHM Quartet Award

  • AGMHM Musician Award

  • AGMHM Spirit of David - (Dance Teams Only)

  • AGMHM Artist Award - Artist must have a cd published

  • AGMHM Song Award - Artist must have a cd published

  • AGMHM Solo Award

  • AGMHM Group any group of ranging from 3-7 individuals 

  • AGMHM Christian Rap Award

  • AGMHM Choir Director/Minister of Music Award


***DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING VOTES for the final ballot is September 1, 2019


  • Must be a resident of Arkansas

  • A functional entity in Arkansas for a least 1 year

  • Meet the requirements of information listed above

  • Must have met 1 of the above requirements in the last 5 years

  •  The nominees must also be present at AGHMHM Grand Finale.